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One of the most powerful, effective ways to maintain customer relationships and help your prospects and clients “stick like glue” is by publishing a customer newsletter.

My other book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life is not only a must read for every entrepreneur and small business owner, it’s the perfect companion to Stick Like Glue!

Here’s just some of the topics covered in this exciting book…

  • Why Newsletters Are Great Marketing Tools
  • Seven Secret Benefits of Producing and Publishing a Newsletter
  • Planning Your Newsletter Effort
  • Packaging Your Newsletter: Design & Layout
  • Writing Copy That Sells
  • E-mail or Print?
  • Producing And Publishing Your Newsletter
  • Do It All yourself or Outsource?
  • Ten Ways to Use Mindset to Advance Your Business
  • The Magic of Newsletter Marketing and Publishing
  • What is Jim Working on Now?
  • Newsletter Guru Bonus Resource #1: Over 30 Design Samples
  • Newsletter Guru Bonus Resource #2: Jim Answers Your Questions

Newsletter marketing has been the #1 way I’ve built my business into the multi-millions. And Jim Palmer has written the one of the best books I’ve ever seen on newsletters and newsletter publishing. The pages are filled with useful tips and ideas that will immediately help you build your business using low-cost newsletters. The book is also fun and easy to read!

Alexandria K. Brown
Business and Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

As usual when ordering from me, I like to “sweeten the pot” by including a few great bonuses that will help you greatly with your newsletter publishing efforts – easily worth over $100!

Action Time Line for Explosive Growth! Audio Recording of Presentation.
By Jim Palmer - The Newsletter Guru ($9.95 value)
Transcript of Action Time Line for Explosive Growth! Presentation.
By Jim Palmer - The Newsletter Guru ($9.95 value)
Million Dollar E-Mails - The Greatest Money Making E-Mails of All Time
By Yanik Silver ($19.00 value)
Hypnotic Sales Letters: 92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates!
By Larry Dotson and Joe Vitale ($39.95 value)
How To Bite Back At The 'Recession' - An Amazing Interview With Dan Kennedy

Jim’s book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing, is a veritable treasure trove of insider secrets…

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Rick Gee
Santa Fe, NM

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